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Sent: Monday, February 21, 2011 1:29 PM
Subject: EAACI Launches a New Open Access Journal: Clinical and Translational Allergy

Dear EAACI friends,

EAACI is proud to announce the launch of the new web-based and open access journal "Clinical and Translational Allergy" (CTA)! We believe that open access is the most important way to publish research in the future, and felt that EAACI needs to contribute to this development.

CTA is committed to a rapid per review process and fast publication of accepted papers, and is organized under the BMC publishers umbrella. EAACI believes there is certainly room for additional journals in the allergy field, where much scientific work is performed, and open access not requiring subscriptions, is an explosively growing way of communicating science in the time of the internet-era. The model needs to be financed somehow, and all open access journals therefore need to charge the authors a nominal fee for publication, which also CTA will, but in return the information is more easily spread and reaches a much larger audience.

The journal will primarily accept scientific papers and reviews in the allergy field, but both basic and clinical research. Some EAACI position papers will also be published in CTA. CTA will accept quality science, and will do its utmost to provide a very rapid and fair per-review process. More information about CTA can be found at www.ctajournal.com.

We invite you to submit your manuscript now at www.ctajournal.com/manuscript.

For all enquiries about the journal, please contact: editorial@ctajournal.com.

Best regards,
Jan Lötvall
Editor-in-Chief Clinical & Translational Allergy
EAACI President

Victoria Cardona
Managing Editor Clinical & Translational Allergy
EAACI Vice-President Communication & Membership