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March 27, 2009

Newsletter subscribers will already be aware that Nobelprize.org is, to put it mildly, a big site. Our 38,000,000 visitors a year find themselves confronted with the archive of materials covering over a hundred years of Nobel Prizes in all five disciplines, plus forty years of the Prize in Economic Sciences, plus educational productions in all subjects, plus a huge video library and writings on everything from Alfred Nobel to the menus at the Nobel Banquet … you get the picture.

This newsletter highlights material on the site that you might not have encountered before. While much of our content can be accessed by clicking the links on the right hand menu of the page dedicated to each individual Nobel Prize (for example, pages such as that describing the first Prize ever, awarded to Wilhelm Röntgen in 1901), the pages below are generally found by following some of the many other navigational cues on the site.

So we hope you enjoy the random selection that follows, and that it gives you a taste for further exploration of some of the less charted regions of Nobelprize.org; who knows what hidden gems you might discover. You can also, as I frequently do, use the search box at the top right of every page to help you find what you're looking for!

Adam Smith


Literary sampler A LITERARY SAMPLER
Our selection of text excerpts from the published prose and poetry of Nobel Laureates in Literature allows visitors to get a little taste of their writings. Here, all the excerpts are collected in one place.
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The famous call that announces each Nobel Prize can arrive at odd moments. In this collated list, Laureates recall how they heard the news.
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What do Nobel Laureates get to take home with them? Find out about the Nobel Medal, the Nobel Diploma, and of course the money, in this guide to what the Laureates receive.
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The Stockholm City Hall is the venue for each year's Swedish Nobel Banquet on December 10th. Browse the photo gallery to see what happens behind the scenes of the Nobel Banquet.
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Nobelprize.org guide THE YEAR IN REVIEW
Last December, for the first time, we compiled a guide to the new Nobel Laureates, complete with speed read descriptions of each Prize, an interview-based article on each Laureate, and a timeline describing the milestones of each awarded piece of work.
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Frequently asked questions FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
Just in case you haven't found this page before, here are the answers to the questions visitors most frequently send us by e-mail.
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All our materials could be broadly described as 'educational', but here we've collected our tailor-made teaching productions into one 'Educational Games' area of the site. View the complete list of all 41 productions.
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